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The 10 Skills That Will Get You Hired in 2020

Admin ADC - Saturday, October 22, 2016

The job market is constantly evolving and savvy workers need to continue to grow their skills to keep up.  In a recent article for Time Magazine about the most desirable job skills Lydia Frank, editorial director of had this advice, “You can’t remain stagnant. You always want to be learning something new; you always want to be advancing.” But which skills should you be focussing on? A recent study by the World Economic Forum found that the top 10 most wanted skills for 21st century jobs are:
  1. Cognitive Flexibility
  2. Negotiation
  3. Service Orientation
  4. Judgement and Decision making
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Co-ordinating with Others
  7. People Management
  8. Creativity
  9. Critical Thinking
  10. Complex Problem Solving

With the vast array of information available to businesses today, many companies are looking for people who can manage and interpret large, complex sets of data. There is also a need for people who understand how day-to-day business affects the bottom line and how to ask the big picture questions. In every field and every market, there is a critical need for leaders who can navigate change and make clear decisions while managing their teams. 

This is great news for students in Trinity Western University’s Bachelor of Arts in Leadership degree program. Through a combination of classroom lectures and real life project application TWU’s BA in Leadership students learn how to motivate colleagues, work well in team environments, mobilize others, manage conflict, achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness, and lead authentically.  

As part of the university’s extension program leadership students can finish their degree by going to class one night a week or complete their coursework online. If you’re ready to finish your degree or see where a new set of skills could take you, contact a program advisor or attend one of our information sessions to learn more.