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Working Mother of 12 Completes Her BA and MA at TWU

Admin ADC - Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Hyne-Ju Huizenga at TWU Adult Degree Completion Program

“My mother has been forever asking, ‘Are you ever going to go back to finish your degree?’” says Hyne-Ju Huizenga (’15). Hyne-Ju began pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Education on scholarship at Simon Fraser University in 1984 but soon, kids and work became priority.

The mom of 12—yes, 12 children—Hyne-Ju kept replaying her mother’s words and decided to investigate Trinity Western. She knew that TWU offered a Christian education for undergrads fresh out of high school, but wasn’t sure the University offered anything for adults. Fortunately, her search proved rewarding.

“I was so happy to discover that TWU offered a degree completion program,” she says. The program’s six-week cohort system, and the fact that she could get complete her degree in one night a week, appealed to her.

TWU Adult Degree Completion featuring Hyne-Ju Huizenga
Hyne-Ju (centre) listens attentively during an MA in Leadership class in Richmond.

Trinity Western’s degree completion program offers students the opportunity to graduate with a BA in Leadership. For Hyne-Ju, the idea of a degree in leadership was revolutionary. “I couldn’t believe how applicable it was to my personal life, my career, and my relationships,” says the 2015 graduate. “The instruction I’ve received here is like none other I’ve experienced.”

The confidence she gained with her BA in Leadership spurred her on to enroll in TWU’s Master of Arts in Leadership program in Richmond. Her flexible schedule as a restaurant manager allows her to pursue full-time studies. As well, the Vancouver resident benefits greatly from the shorter commute to TWU Richmond. “The facility is beautiful. I really appreciate the face-to-face-instruction and the small class sizes,” says Hyne-Ju.

TWU Richmond was established for that very purpose, says Phillip Laird, Ph.D., TWU Vice Provost. “It provides learners with an urban learning setting close to downtown Vancouver,” he says. “The Richmond site complements TWU Langley's rural University context and provides an international, adult, and graduate learning environment to inspire the hearts and minds of future generations of learners.”

Hyne-Ju is already making plans to pursue her Ph.D.. “I think in life you have lots of loose ends, lots of loose threads,” she says. “TWU and the community here helped me tie those up.”